Letter to contest a speeding ticket

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letter template Letter to contest a speeding ticket A speeding ticket may not get you off the hook, but it's always worth a try. A speeding ticket means you have to pay the fine. Without solid evidence, it cannot be contested. The first thing to consider when contesting a speeding ticket is the conditions under which the ticket was given. For example, if you were caught on camera or if it was a radar officer. The contents of the letter can also be used to determine if this was your first speeding ticket or if you have a bad driving history. It is important to remember that this template does not mean that you will receive a favourable response from the appropriate authority. As for the decision of the Public Prosecutor's Office, there are three possibilities: either they declare the request inadmissible, or they dismiss the ticket without further action, or they send the request to the judge.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Name, first name
CP - City
Mr. Public Prosecutor
CP - City
Subject: Contesting a speeding ticket. Dear Mr. or Mrs. Public Prosecutor, I would like to request your kind attention in order to contest a speeding ticket numbered (number of the ticket). This speeding ticket was sent to me on (date). The original of this ticket is attached, which was sent to me without the inherent legal notice and that the weather conditions do not allow me to ascertain the accuracy of my driving speed. (For these reasons, I am contesting the report that was drawn up against me. Thanking you for your attention to my request, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you, Mr. and Mrs. Public Prosecutor.
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