Summer job cover letter: example and template

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letter template Summer job cover letter: example and template Even for common jobs like waiter, baby-sitter, home delivery man or beach attendant... a summer job cover letter is always crucial and indispensable to convince the recruiter when you are a student. A summer job abroad is an interesting job to have an extra income or to finance your studies after your vacations. A cover letter for a summer job or seasonal employment does not require too much style, but just as much enthusiasm. First, tailor your letter to a summer job by not writing a general cover letter to get a job interview. After all, you are specifically looking for a summer job, as opposed to a regular job. Every job has some sort of skills and qualifications required. Often, it's a CDD job or a civic service contract that is offered. Of course, by the time you consider applying for a summer job, you have already considered the skills and qualifications needed for the job. Be sure to highlight your qualifications in your cover letter. Do you have any previous work experience that would be useful for the job? Including this information in your letter will give the employer more confidence that you can handle the job alone or as part of a team. Use our professional and compelling cover letter to help you write a successful summer job cover letter for your school vacation or student internship.
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Below is our sample letter template:

First name Last nameAddressPostal code / City / CountryEmail addressPhone for quick contact
To Mr. or Mrs. Human Resources Manager of the Company (Name of the Company)AddressPostal Code / City / Country
Paris, on (date)
Re: Looking for a summer job for the month of August
I am writing to apply for one of your summer waitressing positions, which I found on your website. Currently a student at (specify name of institution), I am looking for a summer job during the month of August (from 8am to 1pm - please speak about your availability), in order to finance my studies while having a complementary professional experience.
Passionate about (speak about your passion by explaining how your curriculum and your motivation can interest the employer), I am convinced that the summer position you propose will allow me to advance towards the realization of my career objective. In the context of the training I am currently choosing, this job would allow me to enrich my experience and would give me the opportunity to have an in-depth knowledge of the field (the field related to the training) and new technologies.
About my availability, I am not taking any classes this summer, so I have all the time I need to fulfill my job this August, I am able to work evenings and weekends during the summer months. {I remain at your disposal for further information and I hope to have an interview so that I can present my motivation to you in person.
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