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The site was designed to provide you with examples of professional letter templates. To meet your expectations, whether you are an employee, an employer (a company or a professional) or a personal job seeker, we have put more than 400 contract, letter, certificate and authorization models online for free. You do not know what to write in your letter so that it produces the desired effect (termination of one of your services or showing your interest in a position). A registered letter often acts as proof when it is stamped by the post office or by acknowledgment of receipt.

Our model letters by section


Cancellation aurore card and cetelem account, Prepayment of a real estate loan, Letter of cancellation of a home insurance policy, Bank letter for...

Cover letter

Sample cover letter human resources, Cover letter for beautician, Letter of application for a position as a Territorial Specialized Nursery School...

Job & Professional life

Letter of resignation with notice, Mail cancellation job interview, Apply for individual training leave, Requesting an ASSEDIC certificate from your...

Personal Life & Acknowledgments

apology letter love, Notification of absence from a wedding, Reminder letter for unpaid alimony, Congratulations letter for a birth, Request for a...

Real Estate and Housing

Letter of refusal for the installation of Linky meter, Letter of Termination of lease following transfer, Letter of retraction for real estate loans,...

Transport & cars

Letter of protest for irregularity, Letter of complaint for lost luggage, Letter to contest a speeding ticket, Letter of complaint for damaged...

Company & Association

Letter of recommendation for an employee, Letter of permanent address for my company, Request for a delay in payment of social security contributions...


Apply for a health insurance card for your child, Letter of request for reimbursement of care to the CPAM, Letter of request for renewal of long term...


Letter of proxy for packages, Letter to the judge for a judicial separation of property, Letter of declaration of non-polygamy, Letter of request for...

Purchase & Consumption

Freebox cancellation letter, Sample letter of withdrawal for a check, Unjustified invoice dispute letter, Cancellation letter for Meetic...

Studies & School life

Sample cover letter for a BTS Optician, Cover letter for private college enrollment, Absence letter to school, Cover letter ifsi parcoursup, Letter...

The latest letter templates

Letter of desperation housing

From the first collaboration between the tenant and the owner, the establishment of a contract is necessary. They are...

Letter to a lawyer

In a judicial or fiscal procedure, the contribution of a lawyer is more than necessary. In this type of procedure, the...

Application for the position of cook

The world of cooking is a field that reflects a person's personality. It requires a lot of things to excel in this...

Cover letter graphic designer

The graphic designer is the person who designs graphic creations of all kinds, not only at the computer level. He can...

Cover letter for a seasonal job

A cover letter can help set your application apart from others, as you will have enough space to tell the employer why...

Need help with your mail?

To personalize your document, simply copy and paste the text into your word processing software (Word, Open Office, etc.)
In order to make a good impression and be convincing when prospects read your mail, you need to check the spelling to make your writing easier to understand. Don't hesitate to proofread your letter when it's ready, and even ask a member of your family or friend to proofread it. You can use your word processor's spell checker. But not only that, there are many online tools that you can use to search for errors, mistakes in syntax, grammar or punctuation, nominal groups of a text. Go to Qwant to find a spell checker.
Writing a letter must respect a number of standards such as: B. the polite formula. Below are formal formulas that are not overly familiar or commercial. You can use them for a letter to the bank, to an administration. , madam sir
Warning is used to introduce the recipient's name
Mrs" or "Mr, if you know the recipient's identity
Madam, Sir simplest and most effective wording
Please accept my best regards, madam polite expression
Please accept, madam, sir, the expression of my best feelings polite phrase
Waiting for your reply, which should appear at the beginning of the courtesy formula
I remain at your disposal for a future interview which is the first courtesy
Please accept my best regards, madam sir polite expression
Please accept the expression my best regards polite expression
Waiting for your approval to start the courtesy formula
Please accept, madam sir, the expression of my excellent feelings polite expression
Please accept, ladies and gentlemen, the assurance of my highest respect courteous statement
Please accept my respectful greeting, madam sir polite expression
I hope for a quick response from you, which is at the beginning of the courtesy phrase
Please accept, madam sir, the assurance of my best regards polite expression
Please accept, madam sir, my respect courtesy
Please accept my respectful respects madam sir polite expression

The classic letter should be used if it is a personal letter.

If you want to be sure that your mail ends up in your recipient's mailbox, use followed by the letter, since 2015 you can even send small packages.

As legal proof, you need the registered letter, which is handed to the recipient against signature and proves that he/she has received your mail.

Here are the golden rules to follow:
- Use a diplomatic tone, but still remain polite
- Be specific: date, time and subject of the complaint, the data must be accurate
- Keep it short: Don't go into detail, keep the description short but clear
- Don't make any spelling or grammatical mistakes
- Follow the official layout rules for writing a letter