Application letter for a job as a lawyer

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letter template Application letter for a job as a lawyer A lawyer's job is very different from that of a lawyer. He is a person who works within a team, in a company or an association. Thus, as he cannot work on his own as a freelancer, he has to write an application letter in order to join a structure. However, the skills of a lawyer and those of a jurist are almost similar. Both parties must be competent in everything that concerns laws and rights. The functions of the lawyer remain however to defend the interests of a company in the event of litigation, to draft contracts and all the official documents concerning the company.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Name, first name
CP - CityTelephone
Name, first name
CP - City
Done in -place-, on -date-.
Subject: Application for the position of lawyer
Madam, Sir,
I am sending you my application for the position of lawyer in your company/structure/association.
Having a -precise diploma-, I started my career in law by ensuring -your first responsibilities-. Thereafter, I have overcome by gaining responsibilities as my experience of the profession is enriched.
Currently, I have familiarized myself with the world of companies, with all the procedures, including techniques and strategies to adopt to defend the interests of a company. Therefore, I am ready to take on new challenges in the corporate environment
So, working in your company/association would be a great opportunity for me to put my legal knowledge to use. Furthermore, I would have the advantage of working in a sector that has always interested me very much, the -the business sector-.
Waiting for a favorable feedback from you, I am at your disposal for an interview where I could provide you with more information about me. {I look forward to hearing from you.
First and last name of the applicant
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