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letter template Cover letter for English teacher For a relevant applicationYou are looking for a position as an English teacher in a school? Identify your target and submit a complete and relevant application and work your way to selection. The application should include a CV, cover letter and copies of all diplomas and certificates. Be aware that the letter is the key element that could trigger a possible interview in view of your ambitions and projects. Take this into account and write it in the most persuasive way possible. As a language teacher, you certainly have all the advantages to hold the recruiter's attention. Don't hesitate to emphasize all your previous activities by proposing effective and interesting methods that you can teach to your future students to improve the pedagogy and especially the results. Prove that you are able to captivate a maximum audience and easily convey your messages. Demonstrate your ability to adapt, as your main role will be to instill a new culture in your students. Secrets of a successful letter In order to make the recruiter more interested in your application, don't be afraid to list your other qualities and skills. Combined with good performance, they will make you stand out. On the personal side, mention everything that your dynamism, your enthusiasm and your creativity can bring to your job. On the teaching side, demonstrate your abilities and show that you have a good resistance to stress and, above all, that you have one of the first qualities required for a teaching position: patience! Professionally, justify your interpersonal skills operating around firmness and good authority. Important: Clearly mention your availability.
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Below is our sample letter template:

The applicantLast name, first nameAddressCP - City
Name of SchoolAddressCP - CityA [location], samedi 26 novembre 2022
Subject: Application for the position of English teacher

Mr. Director,

I hereby send you my application for the position of English teacher in your school according to a recruitment advertisement published in the ... (name of the newspaper) on ... (date of publication of the advertisement).

I come from an English family and for several years I have lived alternately in France and England which has given me an excellent linguistic degree. I have a master's degree in English since ... (date of obtaining the master's degree) and a certificate of aptitude for teaching in secondary education ... in (year of obtaining the certificate).

I have been an English teacher for three years in a private school and during this period I have been responsible for three foreign language classes. The methodology that I adopted and brought to this school was strongly encouraged. I encourage my students to communicate orally and I often accompany them in their language work sessions outside the school. I was also responsible for our drama club. I love being in contact with children and I would really like to be part of your teaching team to use my knowledge to the benefit of your young students.{I am at your disposal for any additional information that I could provide during a future interview at your convenience. I hope that you will respond favorably to my request and please accept, Mr. Director, the expression of my most sincere greetings.

P.J.: My C.V. and copies of my certificates and attestations.
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