Proxy letter for a co-ownership meeting

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letter template Proxy letter for a co-ownership meeting A general meeting can be held at any time of the year for the members of a syndicate of co-ownership. Various subjects are discussed during the meeting and the presence of all members is desired. Unforeseen circumstances, illness and certain professional constraints prevent certain members from attending the meeting. In this case, they can give a proxy to other members to vote on the crucial decision taken during the session. Belonging in the condominium members, if you cannot go to the general meeting of condominium owners in case of impediment, the procedure allows you to mandate one of the condominiums to represent you so that he makes your wish heard during the deliberation. In this case, you should prepare a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt
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Below is our sample letter template:

Name, first name
CP - City
Coordinates or company name of the condominium manager
CP - City
Subject: Representation mandate for the next general meeting of co-owners Madam or SirI, the undersigned ......... (Your full name), residing at ...... (address of residence of the principal), would like to inform you of my unexpected absence at the next general meeting of co-owners which will take place on ..... (date), at ........ (time), at ..... (For this purpose, I appoint Mrs/Mr ...... (Name and surname of the proxy) domiciled at the following address (specify the address of residence of the proxy) to take part in the deliberations of the meeting and to vote for the decisions taken during the general meeting. I delegate to her my power of attorney as well as all responsibilities relating to the deliberations. Please accept this decision, Mr. or Mrs. (the) President.
Signature of proxy Signature of proxy
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