Sample Petition Letter

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letter template Sample Petition Letter A petition is a very useful tool to claim or protest an activity that is in progress or has taken place. It serves to stop the process. This is not done in any way. It requires specific and valid reasons. The realization of a competition must be done according to the interest of many people. It is an excellent tool to demonstrate public involvement. For your petition letter to be approved, it is very important to include concrete evidence. Also, the more people who sign the petition, the easier it is for the recipient to accept it.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Last Name/First Name of Applicant(s)
Postal Code/City
Name of recipient or company name
CP - City
Re: Petition against/for [explain reason for petition] Dear Sir/Madam, As residents of [mention your city], we have the privilege of presenting this petition to you regarding the [mention reason for petition]. For various reasons, we protest against [type of activity] and wish to see it stopped. It is disruptive to the personal and professional interests of all of us. Therefore, it is in our interest to carry out this petition. There are several reasons why we have decided to carry out this petition: - [reason 1]- [reason 2]- [reason 3]- And so, we ask you to be aware of this and to bring an adequate solution. We are also filing a request to Mr., Mrs. [Company name] to cease [or other action you wish]. A [state a solution] is still a better idea to cease the activity. In support of our protest, please find below a petition signed by [exact number] of citizens. We look forward to receiving your favorable response. Name of the spokesperson or main petitioner
Signature The persons who prepared the petition Name and surname Address Signature 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
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