Sample cover letter for internship in BTS

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letter template Sample cover letter for internship in BTS The objective of the study internship in BTS and DUT is to provide a training internship in a company to put into practice the theoretical knowledge they have acquired during their study. An internship in a company allows students to test their knowledge in a real environment. The student will be supervised by a tutor or an internship master. In general, an internship application letter is very similar to a job application. The student must clearly state his or her motivation for the internship as well as his or her objective. He/she should show interest in the company where he/she will do the internship. In this case, it is essential to learn about the company's sector and field of activity. Knowing more about the company's operations and the nature of your future assignments in a well-defined field as an intern will allow you to create a rich and well-focused cover letter. Always be clear and precise about your objective and avoid being too evasive in your letter. Pay attention to spelling, syntax and grammar to gain more points.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Your name, first nameAddressCP - City
Your name, first nameAddressCP - City
Subject: Internship requestMadam, Sir,I would like to continue my professional career in the field of accounting in the near future. I am currently studying for a BTS in Accounting and Management at the high school ............. I would like to complete my theoretical knowledge during my study with an internship in your company for a duration of 6 weeks. I would like to start the internship on (indicate the start date) until (indicate the end date). I am very interested in this internship in your company in order to put into practice the knowledge I have acquired since the beginning of my training and, above all, to allow me to develop my skills and experience in a professional environment.As part of my schooling, I am very diligent and my academic results reflect my keen interest in the fields of accounting and management (or customize according to your specialty). Curious to discover the practical implementation of my theoretical achievements in the sector that suits my specialty, I am particularly motivated to join your professional team. Having a good relational capacity, I will be able to integrate quickly. My ability to assimilate will allow me to quickly apply the instructions with rigor and seriousness during my internship in your company. I thank you for the attention you are already giving to my internship application and I am at your disposal for an interview. In this expectation, please accept, Madam, Sir, my sincere regards.
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