Requesting an ASSEDIC certificate from your employer

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letter template Requesting an ASSEDIC certificate from your employer When your contract is terminated, whether by dismissal or resignation, your employer is obliged to give you an ASSEDIC attestation, also called a Pôle emploi attestation. This is an important document that will allow you to receive unemployment benefits from your Pôle emploi office. If your employer did not give you this document when you left his company, you must ask for it as soon as possible to avoid delays in the payment of your back-to-work benefits. In addition, the ASSEDIC certificate is also essential to justify your situation in the eyes of the social security system.
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Below is our sample letter template:

First and last nameAddressPostal code - cityTelephonee-mail
Company nameCompany addressPostal code - city
Subject: Request for an ASSEDIC certificate
To the General Manager of the Company (Name of the Company)orTo the Human Resources Manager of the Company (Name of the Company)
I worked in your company as -your former position in the company- for a period of -the precise duration of your career in the company-, namely from -the date of the beginning of the contract- to the -date of the end of the contract-, where -the precise cause of your departure (dismissal, resignation, end of contract)-.However, to this day, I still have not received the employer's certificate that justifies my activity at your company. I would be grateful if you could send it to me as soon as possible, and I look forward to receiving your reply. Please accept my best wishes. Name and surname of the applicant,
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