Getting banned from casinos in France

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letter template Getting banned from casinos in France Requesting a casino banFor gamblers with a gambling addiction, health professionals will determine that the problem is pathological. When the addiction becomes serious, it is within the player's rights to request a casino ban from the relevant Ministry. In most cases, the request for a ban should be sent to the Ministry of the Interior. When the signs of addiction appear and the phenomenon becomes a problem in everyday life, the sufferer can be asked to be banned from casinos or online games. Who is affected? A voluntary approach on the part of the addicted gambler is essential. However, a ban from the casino can be applied without the player's consent if the court or the administration finds that the victim of addiction could disturb public order by committing fraud, theft and violence. A person can be banned from a casino for several reasons: -By a judicial decision of the court-The court did not intervene, but the victim player proceeded to the application himself to be banned, that one aware of his state of addiction. In this case, it is a voluntary ban or self-ban. The law sets the voluntary ban at 3 years, tacitly renewable. After the initial 3 years, the person concerned can request that the ban be lifted. -By an administrative decision, if the person may become a danger and likely to disturb public order or the normal course of the games. The consequences of the casino ban measureThose banned from a casino are no longer allowed to enter a casino. They are no longer allowed to play online casino games on the internet. When compulsive gamblers begin to face serious negative consequences due to their gambling addiction, a step often recommended by professional therapists is to self-ban themselves from casinos. This is a good step, but it is not the only step to take.
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Department of the InteriorDirection of Civil Liberties and Legal AffairsBureau of Circles and GamingAddressCP - CityA [location], 28 05 2024
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Reject:Letter of casino ban

Having a strong addiction to gambling, I request your intervention in order to ban me from casinos and online gambling in the whole French territory. The establishment where I used to frequent has already banned me and does not allow me to gamble anymore, however, the presence of many other similar places in the area makes the temptation too strong.

Recently, I have attended an association of gamblers anonymous that gives me daily support and valuable and pragmatic advice. I hope that one day I will be able to deal with this addiction, or at least learn to manage it under control without ruining myself and those around me. However, in the short term, I am not in a position to rely on my own judgment. With the advice of those around me and close to me, I think it is wiser to ban myself from games so as not to end up in personal bankruptcy. {Enclosed is a copy of my identification (passport or ID card) which will help the various gaming institutions to implement this ban. I thank you in advance for taking the necessary steps to make it effective as soon as possible.

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