Good Neighbor Letter

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letter template Good Neighbor Letter What is the purpose of a Good Neighbor Certificate? You may be questioned about the good behavior, personality and conduct of one of your neighbors during an investigation required by a court or an administrative authority. The judge, the social service can also ask for this attestation of good neighborliness before granting a privilege to the person or delegating a serious responsibility to the person concerned. The same certificate can also certify the relationship you have with your neighbor, your mailman or your janitor. What should be specified in the certificate of good neighborliness? You should specify in the message of the certificate of good neighborliness the date or the length of time you have lived with your neighbor. Then, you should also mention your neighbor's first and last names and the exact address of his or her residence. If you have a good relationship with the person (the witness) and his or her character is not a problem, you can write a good neighbor certificate.
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Last name, first nameAddressCP - City
RecipientAddressCP - CityA [location], mardi 06 décembre 2022
Subject: Certificate of good neighbourliness

I, the undersigned, (name
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