Certificate of return to work

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letter template Certificate of return to work You do not always have to be 100% fit to work. There may be times when you are in poor health and need to recover and then return to work. You should return to work as soon as you feel able and with the approval of your employer. If you wish to return to work before your recovery date, discuss your return to work with your employer. To request a certificate of return to work, you should apply to the primary health insurance funds to confirm the employee's return to work. It is essential to return to work after a prolonged absence due to illness or childbirth. In some cases, your employer may not be able to accept your early return. If this happens, you must be absent from work until the end date of your adjustment note. For example, this may happen if the employer is unable to make the required adjustments at the workplace. They will have to do an appropriate risk assessment.
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Employee's first and last nameEmployee's addressPostal code, CityE-mail addressRegistration number
CPAMAdresse CPAMCP - City
I, the undersigned, Mr/Mrs (General Manager) of the department (name of department), (position in the company) of the company (specify the name of the company) certify that Mr (name and surname of the employee) with the number (employee's social security number) has returned to work and has resumed work after a period of (number of months) on (date of resumption of the employee's function). I confirm that the employee has already had a medical examination after his absence from work. The visit showed that the employee can return to his usual function as of (date of resumption of work). The doctors have not detected any major and serious incapacity preventing the employee (Name of employee) from performing his duties normally. Yours sincerely
Employer's signature
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